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A new community exclusively for guests of Sea Salt Studios. Here, we post upcoming events, new restaurants and bars, weather, alerts, and any other relevant information that can help you have an authentic and local experience of Holetown. Join today and leave at any time.


First and foremost, please only post upcoming events in Holetown or the West Coast. Don’t be offended if we delete content that isn’t about Holetown. Please message us directly for questions about your booking with Sea Salt Studios. This group is for entertainment around town, weather alerts, new openings, upcoming closures, you get the drift! Feel free to answer questions if you have relevant insight (ex: I was there last week, and there was live mLastly, please remember to protect your privacy by not sharing any personal or sensitive information. We hope that our online community group will serve as a valuable resource and enhance your experience in our quaint coastal town.

Examples of acceptable content:

I heard there was a tropical wave warning, should I be afraid?

Has anyone had a good experience scuba diving on the West coast this year?

Would anyone like to split the cost of a van to Oistins Fish Fry this Friday at 7pm?

Examples of not-good content:

Help, I locked myself out of my apartment! (Please contact us directly for emergencies)

The service at XYZ was horrible last night!(Please share grievances on Trip Advisor)

Any ladies wanna grab a drink tonight? (Please use dating apps to solicit dates)

Does anyone have a spare roll of loo paper? (Oh dear, just no.)

We truly hope you’ll find this new community helpful in. Planning your best stay in our quaint coastal town. Happy exploring!


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