Beach Club Membership

During your stay with us at Sea Salt Studios, we're delighted to extend complimentary access to the exclusive Private Beach Club in Sunset Crest. The Club is located a short walk from our studios and cottages. Our guests love to relax by the beautiful ocean-front pool, soak up the sun on clean lounge chairs, and use the convenient and clean changing facilities. Here's a video we made to get you excited about this awesome perk.

What's included.

This members-only pool offers a charming ocean-front setting, complete with lounge chairs, washroom and shower facilities, and access to the Holetown boardwalk leading to the beach, renowned restaurants, and lively bars. With our access card attached to your master keychain, you can relax by the pool, soak up the sun, and explore the vibrant Holetown area, adding an extra level of luxury and convenience to your stay at Sea Salt Studios.

How to get there.

The Beach Club gates are light blue and unmarked, right to the left (South) of the swanky Paul Owens restaurant. The club is a quick five-minute walk (400m) from our studios and a cool ten-minute walk (800m) from our cottages and nook. From your front door, head North West towards the ocean. If you're not up for walking, no worries: it's conveniently located across from a big parking lot. And check out our Printable Tools for important packing tips.

Beach club hours.

The Beach Club is typically open year-round from 8am until sunset, including holidays like Christmas Day. Hours and closures are posted on the club billboard. Unexpected closures can happen due to weather, maintenance, or government orders. We offer free membership due to possible closures. If you desire a pool, consider accommodation with a private pool where hosts can schedule repairs outside of your stay. Major repairs and cleanings typically occur during the quieter months, such as from mid-August to the end of October.


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