What time is check-in and check-out?
Check-in is at 3:00PM, and check-out is at 11:00AM. If you have a late flight, consider checking out Barbados Resort Pass for great day options and luggage storage (you can book those online). Please note that due to the small size of my property and residential setting, luggage storage isn't possible.

How do I get around (airport, etc.)?
This is one of the most frequently asked questions so I wrote a whole section about Getting Around in Barbados. It's the perfect launching pad to adventure!

Quick FAQs

Do you have free WiFi available?
Yes, the studios have free and fast WiFi. The details are posted inside the flat and emailed to you (or via AirBnb) the day before your arrival. I like to keep these simple and easy to shout out to share with a flatmate.

Where can I get breakfast (or coffee)?
I live in this neighbourhood so my personal favourites are in the Printable Tools section of this website (not always the nearest, but the dearest).

Can you help me plan my adventures?
Check out the different sections of this website for my personal recommendations, and for even more advice from local enthusiasts and repeat visitors, consider joining Facebook groups like Barbados for Travellers. I'll help when I can, but I'm one person on Barbados time (six hours behind London) so I have to prioritise questions that are flat or maintenance-related.

What's the Beach Club membership?
To learn about the Beach Club membership, visit the Beach Club section on my website. There you'll find all the details, a map, and a video walk-through that I created to give my guests a better idea of what to expect.

Is Sea Salt Studios a Hotel or an Airbnb?

While we don't strictly follow the format of a traditional boutique hotel, neither are we a typical Airbnb property. Instead, we operate independently, providing a unique, self-catered stay experience with a little more support and a few extra perks like membership access to the Beach Club nearby. Therefore, we would be best described as a hybrid between a boutique accommodation and Airbnb property. With that said, we do list some of our studios on AirBnb for certain times of year. Some of our studios do appear on Airbnb during select times of the year. However, booking directly with us ensures the lowest prices available online.

Essential places and shops in Holetown.

The studios are conveniently located near various essential shops, perfect for visitors who appreciate walking and saving on transportation. Simply head North-West from the front door towards the ocean and Holetown centre. Delight in the vibrant atmosphere as locals and visitors mingle, with the iconic Barbados yellow buses adding to the lively ambiance. Check out our illustration (approximate) for a glimpse of the bustling scene. Here are a few examples:

The Beach Club
Holetown Beach
✔ Supermarkets (Massy and Clifton)
Starbucks (supermarket lobby), Cafe de Paris
✔ Restaurants and bars
✔ ATM machines (CIBC First Caribbean)
✔ Wine shops (The Grapevine, Wine World)
✔ Duty-free shopping (Cave Shepherd Plaza, Limegrove)

Unleash your inner explorer to find even more places in the area. Or, step out your front door, head North-West towards town, and let your curiosity guide you!

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Craft a stay that meets your holiday goals and budget.

Welcome to Sea Salt, the epitome of modern, post-pandemic stays on Barbados' prestigious West coast. Here, tradition and self-sufficiency seamlessly combine to provide affordable and stylish holidays. Say goodbye to unexpected fees and hello to your customized level of pampering. Instead of daily housekeeping, we provide fresh linen and towels, with a linen refresh team visiting once a week. And if you're in the mood for some extra TLC, the Guest Info menu has you covered. Whether it's hiring a house cleaner, laundry services, private rides, or special requests like a birthday cake, we offer transparent, no-obligation quotes in advance. At Sea Salt, we believe in letting you tailor your self-catered stay to suit your unique holiday goals and budget.

Here's what your basic stay includes:

  • Contactless check-in

  • Digital instructions and recommendations

  • Keyless entry to your rented flat

  • An access card to the Beach Club

  • Weekly linen refresh

  • Starter supply of paper and soaps

  • Close proximity to town

  • Flat repair and maintenance support

You can easily purchase and arrange additional services such as:

✔ Mid-stay cleaning visits
✔ Private rides around the island
✔ Wash and fold of clothing
✔ Grocery runs for food, wine, or spirits
✔ Planning special surprises like cake
✔ Printing documents and administrative tasks

So sit back, relax, and tailor your modern holiday to suit your needs and budget.

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Tips on shopping at markets in Holetown.

Best time to shop to avoid queues.

Plan your shopping trips for quieter times like weekday mornings when locals are at work, so you can breeze through your grocery list and get back to creating priceless memories.

Pack a few reusable bags.

Support sustainable practices by packing reusable bags to use at our local shops. By reducing our reliance on plastic bags, we can collectively keep Barbados green.

Save by buying local things.

Imported stuff is expensive. Save money by choosing locally grown produce and Barbados-made beer and rum. Not only will you save money but you'll support farmers and businesses.

Shop online ahead of arrival.

You might avoid expensive impulse purchases by shopping online ahead of your arrival. Clifton and Massy both deliver. You'll need to coordinate this with us, and some fees apply, but it might save you precious beach time.

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Typical grocery shop hours in Holetown*.

Hours can change without notice, read on.

Welcome to the laid-back island life! Just a heads-up, the hours of shops can be a bit unpredictable, which can be frustrating for big city people. To stay ahead, we recommend making online reservations and following your booked spots on Instagram for their latest updates on hours. Many businesses here prefer social media for updates. It's good to know that businesses can also close early, or altogether, when the forecast calls for heavy, prolonged rain. That's often to give staff a chance to commute home safely. It's wise to follow a local news source on Instagram to keep abreast of weather events. It's not uncommon for weather events to begin before they're even predicted. Check my Weather section for more insight on that. Bank holidays here may also differ from what you're used to, be sure to check those. Stay connected and be in the know by following the places you intend to patronise on Instagram for up-to-date holiday hours and closures. Embrace the island's unique rhythm and plan your adventures accordingly!

Follow us on Instagram.

All of our website and Instagram are managed by us, the owners, so you'll get a sneak peek into our daily lives, our favorite handful of spots, and even our furry friends and foodie toddler. We love sharing our personal perspective of this coast of the island, and reposting any exciting local events that we'd love to attend (or hope that our guests will). Stay connected with us for an inside look at the island, from our charming and local point of view!


Please note that our recommendations are based on the assumption that you're staying at Sea Salt Studios, and we have no affiliation with the vendors mentioned on our site. None of the activities, products, or services are included in your stay; our suggestions aim to inspire your ideal Barbados experience. While we cannot be held responsible for the outcome of your experiences with recommended vendors, we recommend researching the costs of restaurants and vendors to avoid surprises. If links are not working, simply Google the vendor's name. When we mention "walking distance," please keep in mind that individual physical abilities vary, so please assess your own capabilities. Additionally, it's important to wear plenty of sunscreen and hats when setting out on foot in the Caribbean sun. When purchasing cleaning services, note these are available on regular weekdays only and not on holidays, and always pending quote approval and prior notice. Linen refresh frequency varies based on your stay duration, and are subject to availability and scheduling. By using our website, you agree to these terms. Happy planning!