Rental Terms and Conditions

About Sea Salt Studios and Cottages

Sea Salt Studios and Cottages is owned and managed by James and Roxanne Johnson. They take a personalised and dedicated approach to managing the studios, along with a diligent housekeeper and a skilled maintenance staffer. Instead of third-party property managers, the Johnsons are hands-on hosts ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Throughout your stay at Sea Salt, you'll communicate directly with co-owner Roxanne, who is committed to providing the highest level of hospitality and responsiveness. This direct and personal engagement is the cornerstone of our operations – a trait widely appreciated by our guests, as reflected in our 300-plus five-star reviews on Airbnb. 

Is Sea Salt Studios a Hotel or an Airbnb?

While we don't strictly follow the format of a traditional boutique hotel, neither are we a typical Airbnb property. Instead, we operate independently, providing a unique, self-catered stay experience with a little more support and a few extra perks like membership access to the Beach Club nearby. Therefore, we would be best described as a hybrid between a boutique accommodation and Airbnb property. With that said, we do list some of our studios on AirBnb for certain times of year. Some of our studios do appear on Airbnb during select times of the year. However, booking directly with us ensures the lowest prices available online.

Rental Agreement and Conditions

Please take a moment to read through the rental conditions in this agreement. By clicking the "I accept the rental conditions" checkbox, you acknowledge that you’ve read this agreement, understand it and agree to be bound by it.

This is a legal agreement between Sea Salt Studios and Cottages and yourself, the guest placing the reservation. In this agreement, we’ll keep things simple by referring to Sea Salt Studios and Cottages as “we/our”, and to you, the guest making the reservation and entering into this agreement, as “you/your”. 

This agreement is valid from the moment your reservation is confirmed. You’ll have 24 hours to change your mind and receive a full refund, for any reason, provided that the scheduled arrival date is more than a month (30 days) away. We reserve the right to decline your reservation, for any reason, within the same 24 hour period. We’ll notify quickly whether your reservation is confirmed or declined. If declined, we’ll immediately issue a refund of any payments with a confirmation number of the refund transaction.

Airport Transfers by Sea Salt Studios (if applicable)

We may occasionally offer airport transfers at a starting fee of US $60 per ride. This service requires a reservation made at least 48 hours in advance and is dependent on the availability within our schedule. Payment and scheduling for airport transfers must be finalized in advance. To receive a full refund for a cancellation, you must cancel the service no less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled transfer. Failure to cancel within this timeframe, or not showing up for the transfer, will result in the full fee being charged against your security deposit. By opting for this service, you agree to release us from any liability for personal injuries sustained during the airport transfer, to the extent permitted by law. However, this indemnification does not relieve us of our legal obligations to exercise care to prevent personal injury or property damage.

Grace period for refund of deposit

To finalize your reservation, a 50% deposit is required at the time of booking to secure your selected dates. Following your booking, you have a 24-hour grace period to reconsider and cancel for a full refund. Similarly, within 24 hours of receipt, we reserve the right to review and potentially decline the booking for any reason. We encourage you to attentively read all correspondence from us, as we may require further clarification to confirm your reservation.

When is the balance due?

A 50% deposit is due at time of booking to secure your dates. You'll have 24 hours from the time of booking to change your mind and receive a full refund. The full balance is due 30 days prior to your scheduled arrival.  The stay is 0% refundable if cancelled after. The full balance is typically automatically charged to the same credit card used 

Covid-Related Interruptions or Cancellations 

COVID-19 and its consequences are no longer unforeseen or unexpected and therefore are not cause for a refund under this agreement. We recommend mitigating potential losses by purchasing Independent Travel Insurance by a third party provider. 

If you need to postpone your stay

A request to postpone your stay to a future week, month or year is considered a cancellation under this agreement and subject to the cancellation policy in this agreement. 

If you need to change your dates

If you’d like to extend your stay by one or two days, send a request to, or a WhatsApp to our office at +1 (246) 250-3086. We’ll review the request and approve or decline it based on availability and the amount of notice received.

If you need to cancel your stay

A 50% deposit is due at time of booking to secure your dates. You'll have 24 hours from the time of booking to change your mind and receive a full refund. The full balance is due 30 days prior to your scheduled arrival.  The stay is 0% refundable if cancelled after. We recommend mitigating potential losses by purchasing Independent Travel Insurance by a third party provider. 

If your flight is delayed or cancelled

There are no refunds for early departures or late arrivals (such as missed nights due to flight delays or personal emergencies that require you to shorten your stay on the island). We recommend mitigating these potential losses by purchasing Independent Travel Insurance by a third party provider. As flight interruptions happen very often, it is wise to invest in an Independent Travel Insurance Policy. 

Flying on Standby

Please note that we do not accommodate standby reservations. It remains the responsibility of the guests to arrange their own transportation and adhere to the terms outlined in this agreement. Any delays incurred due to flying on standby are the sole responsibility of the guest.

Access to the Studio and Property

Your booking grants you access to the specific studio or cottage detailed in the booking confirmation email. This includes use of the designated garden area or property features listed for your accommodation, as well as one complimentary parking space in our spacious driveway.

Beach Club Membership Limitations

Your stay grants you access to our Beach Club Membership, details of which can be explored further on the Trip Planning sections of our website. All guests are required to adhere strictly to Beach Club rules and regulations. Failure to do so, including misconduct or the invitation of unregistered visitors (such as local or visiting friends and family not listed as guests on this booking) to the Beach Club, will lead to the immediate withdrawal of the membership. The provided club card permits access for up to two (2) guests registered under this booking only. Please note that refunds will not be issued for closures of the Beach Club caused by renovations, weather conditions, or directives from government authorities. The Beach Club access is a complimentary feature of your booking and does not constitute a service with attributed monetary value. Guests should be aware that refurbishments are commonplace during the wet season, particularly in August, September, and October and may affect various facilities including the Beach Club, local businesses, restaurants, and spas, often with limited or no advance notice. 

Observance of Quiet Hours

We are located on a residential street; as such, we require that all guests observe quiet hours between 9pm and 8am. This includes the driveway, exterior corridors of the property and garden areas. 

Potential Noise Disturbances

Please be aware that our property is located in a lively residential area where daily activities such as pedestrian foot traffic, construction work, and local community events can result in some daytime noise. These activities, which contribute to the charm of our locale, are usually active during daytime hours from 8am onwards. From time to time, our vibrant community may host street festivals, performances, or fireworks displays, adding to the rich local experience. While we aim to ensure guest comfort, we must point out that we do not have control over these external factors and cannot promise a completely noise-free environment. Importantly, we do not offer refunds or discounts for any disturbances arising from regular neighborhood activities or local gatherings, provided they conform to local by-laws. By booking with us, guests signify their acceptance of this possibility. In the exceptional event that you encounter noise that you suspect would violate our local by-laws, we urge you to immediately report the matter to the Holetown Police by dialing 211 on your mobile device. Weather Conditions and Storm Policy

Our property welcomes guests all year, even during Barbados' wet season, which typically spans from June to October. Please be aware that we do not issue refunds for cancellations or disruptions caused by local weather or adverse weather conditions, with the sole exception being if our borders are officially closed to international visitors. To protect against possible weather-related disruptions, we emphatically recommend securing independent travel insurance.

When planning your visit to Barbados, we urge you to carefully consider the island's seasonal weather patterns. While we strive to ensure a pleasant stay, the unpredictability of weather means we cannot guarantee ideal conditions at all times, and no refunds will be provided for poor weather. Additionally, guests should be mindful of weather conditions in their country of origin, as these can affect departure and arrival flights. We are not responsible for and do not provide refunds for weather events outside Barbados that may impact your travel plans. To mitigate these risks, obtaining travel insurance is strongly advised.

Business Closures for Repairs and Renovations

Refurbishment of residential properties and business establishments is frequent during the wet season which typically spans from June to October. Operating hours for local businesses may also change with little to no notice in response to fluctuating demand. 

Third Party Booking PolicyBookings with us must be made directly by the individual who will be occupying the accommodation. We do not permit bookings to be made on behalf of others, including family members, friends, or third-party entities such as travel agents. Any reservations identified as third-party bookings will be subject to immediate cancellation, and any payments made will not be eligible for a refund. To avoid this inconvenience, please ensure that the guest intending to stay is the one making the booking. 

Policy on Unregistered Guests and Events

Please note that we do not permit unregistered visitors, whether they're local family, friends, or new acquaintances, to access our property or the Beach Club. This policy also extends to any social gatherings. These restrictions are in place due to insurance limitations which do not provide coverage for such activities. Any violation of this policy, including hosting parties, is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate termination of the rental agreement without refund.

Late Departure and Check-Out Policy

At Sea Salt Studios, we understand that flexibility can enhance your stay with us. Therefore, exclusively for guests booking directly through our website,, we offer the option to purchase a late check-out, allowing you to depart anytime up until 6:00 PM. This special amenity is available solely at the time of making your reservation and is applicable to bookings initiated after April 20, 2024. It’s important to note that this option must be selected at the time of booking; once bypassed, the standard check-out time of 11:00 AM AST will apply without the possibility for extension, as the check-out date will then be made available for new reservations immediately. 

Given our property's small size and residential setting, we regret that we cannot provide late check-out options or post-check-out luggage storage. For guests needing to extend their stay in Barbados beyond our designated 11 am AST check-out time, we recommend purchasing a day pass at a local hotel. A convenient choice would be the Hilton, which can be acquired online via the Barbados Resort Pass, subject to their applicable fees, terms, and availability. With this arrangement, you can continue to enjoy your day in Barbados without interruption—having access to leisure facilities and assured baggage storage—thus ensuring a seamless continuation of your delightful Island experience.

Property Description and Amenities

We have endeavoured to provide an accurate description of our property, including the individual studios or cottages and their respective conditions. Prior to your arrival, our staff would have ensured the premises are clean and tidy. All electrical and plumbing fixtures, as well as all minor appliances, are expected to be in functional condition. We also retain the right to alter decorative elements or linen colors, provided these changes align with the advertised overall theme and vibe of the property. Please understand that malfunctions of certain amenities during your stay such as TV, refrigerator or WiFi service, does not qualify for refunds; however, we will strive to repair or restore these services as swiftly as possible. 

Housekeeping Constraints

Our studios and cottages provide a self-catering accommodation experience, giving you the comfort of a rented apartment. For your convenience, our housekeeping staff will refresh your linens and towels once every week. Cleaning supplies are stowed under the kitchen sink to assist you in keeping the premises nice and clean during your stay.

For those seeking a comparable hotel-like service, we do provide the option of scheduling extra housekeeping sessions. These can be arranged through our Trip Planning website, or by contacting us at or on Business WhatsApp at +1 (246) 250-3086. Please note that such services must be booked on weekdays excluding bank holidays, with a minimum notice of 48 hours.

We kindly expect our accommodations to be left in a respectable condition as a courtesy to avoid potential cleaning charges post-stay.

Trash Management Throughout Your Stay

Please note that our provided linen refresh service does not encompass cleaning or trash removal. As such, guests are anticipated to regularly dispose of their own waste. Extra garbage bags can be found under the kitchen sink for your use, and trash receptacles are conveniently located near the front gates for easy disposal.

Negligence in regular trash disposal may produce disagreeable odors and draw unwanted attention from local fauna and insects, which include birds, pests, and ants. Should such issues be discovered after your departure, the resultant cleaning and pest control expenses will be deducted from your security deposit.

Liability for Damage to Studio, Cottage, or Property

As our guest, you accept full financial responsibility for any damage to the furniture or premises, as well as for replacing any missing items. This applies irrespective of whether the damage or loss was accidental or resulted from negligence, and it holds for actions by you or those accompanying you.

Property Access for Routine Linen Services and Emergency Fixes

By agreeing to our rental terms, you grant our team permission to access the property for weekly linen changes and critical or emergency repairs. We strive to inform you ahead of any repair tasks. Please note, our linen service follows a set schedule and is unable to be deferred. We kindly ask for your flexibility in accepting our team typically between 10am and 1pm on weekdays, which usually aligns with guest outings exploring the island. Please be assured, all work performed on the property by third-party repair services will be supervised by a member of our management team.

Beach and Pool Safety Acknowledgment

Guests choosing to use the beach or Beach Club do so under their own discretion and assume full responsibility for their safety. We do not bear liability for any accidents or injuries that may occur in these areas. For safety, we strongly advise against swimming alone. By agreeing to these terms, you absolve us of any liability for personal injury and/or property damage sustained on the property due to your negligence or failure to act.

Age Limitation for Guest Safety

Due to the adult-oriented design and safety aspects of our properties, we are unable to accommodate guests below the age of 12. This is strictly for the well-being and comfort of all residents. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. We look forward to welcoming your entire family when your children are of age.

Responsibility for Misplaced Keys and Beach Club Card

Please be aware that a responsibility is laid upon you for any items that go missing during your stay and can reasonably be linked back to your occupancy. Our cleaning staff executes a thorough inspection and inventory check after your departure and notifies us of any items that have not been accounted for. In the case of missing items, we will immediately notify you and provide an opportunity for these items to be returned within a 24-hour period. If the items aren't returned within this time frame, a charge will be applied for the replacement as well as an additional administrative fee.

Lost Key and Beach Club Card Replacement Costs

In the event of lost keys, the following replacement costs will be incurred:

Studio key - US$25/ea | Safe key - US$250 (no duplicates exist) | Beach Club Access Card - US$100/ea

We strongly advise all guests to vigilantly monitor their keys and access cards to circumvent potential charges. Additionally, disassembling any part of the master key set elevates the risk of misplacing or inadvertently taking these items with you. Historically, incidents of loss have often been linked to guests who have detached items such as the safe key or the Club Card for convenience, placing them in a wallet or pocket. To minimize the likelihood of such mishaps, we recommend keeping your key components together and designating the most responsible individual in your party to manage the master key set.

Security Cameras

Our property is safeguarded with external security cameras, including a Ring Video Doorbell at the front gate and near the Luggage Locker, to deter potential break-ins and thefts. Please be assured that there are no cameras positioned inside the studios, or near the garden gazebo—an area where our guests often gather. It is important to note that the security cameras are limited to video recordings only and do not capture audio.

Personal Property Left Outdoors

We cannot assume responsibility for any personal items outside of the front door of your studio that are lost, stolen, whether left unattended or loosely supervised, including but not limited to beach towels drying outside or shoes left outside your studio or cottage.

Linen Policy at Sea Salt Studios and Cottages

Each studio is furnished with bedding, bathroom towels, and one or more kitchen towels, which are refreshed every few days. Guests are expected to handle these items with care to avoid permanent damage. In the event of accidental spills or stains, we ask that you notify us immediately so we can attempt to mitigate any lasting damage. This request extends to all studio upholstery and rugs.

Beach Towel Policy at Sea Salt Studios and Cottages

Guests are encouraged to bring their own beach towels, particularly for use outside of check-in and check-out times. While beach towels are available for borrowing from our office, they must be returned in their original condition—free of stains or damage—to avoid potential charges against your damage deposit. Our bathroom towels are strictly for use within the studios and should not be taken outside under any circumstance.

Minimum Age and Maximum Occupancy

Renters must be at least 25 years old to book a stay at our accommodation. Adults cannot make reservations on behalf of underage guests—there are no exceptions to this rule. The maximum number of guests permitted is two (2) per studio and four (4) for Driftwood Cottage, Cottage A, and Cottage B.

No Smoking or Smoke Products

Smoking and the use of smoke products are strictly prohibited both inside and outside the property. If cleaning staff detect the scent of cigarette or cigar smoke inside a studio, the cost for smoke cleanup—which includes removing odors from the carpeting, AC ducts, filters, and furniture—will be charged to you. We caution against the indoor use of insect-repellent smoke products (e.g., green coils) due to the associated odors and potential cleanup costs.

No Pets Allowed

Pets are not permitted on the property. Bringing a pet will result in the termination of your rental agreement, forfeiture of deposits, and a charge for deep cleaning.

Parking on Property

Parking is limited to one (1) vehicle per rental. Each rental is allotted one designated parking space. While on-street parking may be available, it is not recommended. Guests are encouraged to reverse park in one of the nine (9) provided spaces in front of the studios.

Contactless Check-In and Check-Out Instructions

To ensure a seamless contactless arrival and departure process, we necessitate the completion of specific identity verification steps as outlined in your booking confirmation.

Check-In: Detailed contactless check-in instructions will be sent to your email one day prior to your scheduled arrival. Considering our accommodation does not feature a conventional front desk, and to preempt any potential confusion or delays, it's imperative that you print and carry a paper copy of these instructions. This is especially significant for completing your Barbados entry card, ensuring you have all requisite details readily available.

Check-Out: Correspondingly, contactless check-out instructions will be emailed to you one day before your planned departure. To facilitate this process, a valid security deposit must already be on file, typically held on the credit card used for your booking. This practice is consistent with standard procedures for online accommodation reservations. It is crucial that you adhere to all check-out instructions provided, with particular emphasis on the proper locking and security of the apartment post-departure.

Adhering to these procedures helps guarantee a smooth, secure, and enjoyable experience for both our esteemed guests and our property.


By agreeing to these terms, you undertake to indemnify and absolve us of any liability for personal injury or property damage resulting from negligent, willful, or intentional actions by you or any of your guests. However, this indemnification does not negate our inherent responsibility to prevent personal injury or property damage where we are legally obligated to do so.

Independent Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend that all guests secure independent travel insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances, accidents, or any issues that might prevent you from traveling or meeting the obligations outlined in our agreement.

Clarification on Agreement Terms

Should you require clarification on any aspect of this agreement, we invite you to contact us either via email at or through WhatsApp at +1 (246) 250-3086 before agreeing to the terms.

By selecting the option “I have read and I accept the Rental agreement” when submitting your Booking Request, you acknowledge and agree to the Rental Conditions set forth by Sea Salt Studios and Cottages. This agreement becomes binding upon the submission and subsequent confirmation of your Booking Request by us.

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