New! Printable tools to plan your perfect stay.

At Sea Salt Studios, I may not be an official tour guide, but I have plenty of insider tips and personal experiences as a local living and working on the West coast of Barbados. To help my independent explorers plan an authentic and organised stay, I've put together some cheat sheets and templates just for you. Happy planning and if we cross paths, let me know if you found them helpful!

by Roxanne Johnson, Owner and Director of Sea Salt Studios | March 2024

person holding ballpoint pen writing on white paper
person holding ballpoint pen writing on white paper

Print your directions, please.

Attention big city folks, our taxi drivers in Barbados don't tend to use GPS (data is expensive around here), so it's important to provide verbal directions. It's like traveling in a taxi in the 90s, without Back Street Boys playing on the radio. We have these fantastic printable directions to our studios and cottages in Holetown, complete with old-fashioned verbal directions you can read to your driver. We've kept it simple with illustrations to help you feel oriented after your flight. Please note that our accommodations are on two separate lots, so download the directions specific to your flat. Not sure? Check your confirmation for that very important detail. Safe travels, my friends!

Blue Dawn, White Cap, Coco Teal, Driftwood, Ocean Pearl, Sea Spray

Cottage A, Cottage B and Cottage Nook (C)

Last Updated November 1, 2023

My cheat-sheet to the best dining on the West coast.

This is my top favourite tool because it's something I've been wanting to compile for so long: my personal "cheat sheet" to the best dining on the West Coast of Barbados. On the PDF, I include links and a general idea of pricing, but remember to do your own research and explore other options on Trip Advisor, Open Table, and other online resources for recommendations. These are simply my personal favorites. Happy exploring!

Holetown shops at a glance.

Our love of Holetown has led us to create the ultimate guide to the essential shops you'll need during your stay. We're not claiming that this list is exhaustive, but as locals who live and play here, we know our stuff when it comes to the best shopping in the area.

From food to beer, wine, and even the nearest hospital, no detail has been overlooked. We go the extra mile to provide you with valuable insights and insider tips that will make your shopping experience in Holetown that much more memorable.

Printable packing tips for Barbados.

Get organized for your trip to Barbados with our complimentary printable packing tools. In our downloadable PDF, you'll discover a blank form and an example packing list that can serve as a helpful reference and source of inspiration for your packing needs.*

brown hat
brown hat

Printable emergency contacts for Barbados.

Travel emergencies may not be the most exciting thing to think about, but it's worth planning for unexpected events. Travel insurance can provide peace of mind, especially when it comes to unexpected medical expenses or flight interruptions. We care about your well-being, which is why we recommend looking into it. And to make your trip even smoother, we've prepared a handy template with emergency contacts and space to jot down your own resources. We want you to have an amazing and worry-free experience. Safe travels!

Unleash your inner explorer.

When researching what to do and where to eat in Barbados, compare reviews on popular websites like TripAdvisor Barbados and Open Table for valuable insights from fellow travelers. Additionally, join Facebook groups like Expats in Barbados and Barbados Weather Watchers for advice, recommendations, and staying updated. These groups allow you to engage with locals and other travelers who can provide firsthand information. By leveraging these resources, you can plan your dream itinerary and discover the best of Barbados. I


Our recommendations are based on the assumption that you are staying with us at Sea Salt Studios. We want to clarify that we have no affiliation with any vendors mentioned or recommended on this site. None of the mentioned activities, products, or services are included in a stay with us at Sea Salt Studios. These recommendations are simply suggestions, and we do not provide itinerary planning services beyond the tips provided on this site. We cannot be held responsible for the outcome of guest experiences with recommended vendors. Our insights and examples are intended solely to inspire you to take the time to plan your ideal stay in Barbados. Please note that you should research the costs of restaurants and vendors to avoid any surprises. If links are broken on this website, we recommend simply googling the vendor's name to pull up their site. Where we mention walkable locations and nearby vendors and attractions, we assume an average healthy adult. Keep in mind that individual abilities may vary, and it is essential to assess your own physical capabilities and limitations. If our insights or recommendations are insufficient, beyond your budget, or do not meet your interests, we encourage you to use your research skills online to explore other options. It's important to find the best choices that align with your preferences and needs.